Sarah Stockett Episode 72

Legal Bits Episode#72 –Sticking Her Neck Out

Sometimes a business idea is the result of a newfound passion. As life circumstances change, something new may motivate you to pursue an opportunity you did not expect. A good entrepreneur is able to recognize the shifting of priorities and turn a new passion into new business. From there, the fire inside is able to drive progress.

For some people, passion comes from horrible accidents. After a pair of painful pregnancies, an umbilical hernia, and several other injuries, Sarah Stockett broke her neck playing with her son. The yoga and Pilates instructor had no idea how to keep her business –Custom Pilates and Yoga –running when she could no longer do the exercises she needed to teach. Rather than abandon her entrepreneurial spirit, Sarah dug deeper and started finding new ways to relieve pain during recovery from a broken neck. Her daily blogging became a book, Snapped: A Helpful Guide for Broken Neck Recovery. Now her business of physical therapy-based yoga and Pilates has taken on new importance, and Sarah is more driven than ever to help others.

We also talk about the launch of her book at the Tiger’s Den, and why Sarah did not want a job around food. Sarah tells about her love of movie quotes, and we explore how her dual-degrees in college impact her today. We even touch on her competitive nature and how that has been a blessing and a curse.

Plus, can you buy good publicity? For $12.8 million, you can buy almost anything.

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