Susan Murphy Episode 71

Legal Bits Episode#71 – Humane Marketer

A good business cannot survive unless people know it exists. No matter how clever the idea or incredible the product, the success of a business relies on exposure and awareness. Even a great idea needs strategic marketing to build momentum and become a truly fruitful investment. The key is targeting your audience intentionally.

After her career as an actress brought her to stages in 49 states, Susan Murphy knows the importance of connecting with your audience. Susan began marketing and raising funds for the arts. Her experience in the industry taught her that marketing focuses on speaking in the authentic voice of the individual and their product or service and presenting their unique brand. Rather than work for the force a massive overhaul of a business, Susan works to connect the person with people who will care about the idea –which gave her the idea to be The Humane Marketer.

We also talk about Susan’s experiences as an actress, and how her half-Italian roots influences her favorite food. We dive into the importance of consistency in marketing, and even accepting imperfection. Susan shares some marketing advice she would give herself and reveals a hidden passion.

Plus, Julie asks us, are supplements misleading? That depends if you consider yourself a human.

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