Allison Olson Episode 70

Legal Bits Episode#70 –Book It

When a good business idea takes off, it can transcend cultures and languages. A good book, too, can cross the globe and attract myriad audiences. The trick is knowing which books have international appeal, and how to get the transcripts penned in new languages and bound in new covers to get them into the hands of new readers. While some see only a complicated sales job, others see a joyful adventure.

For the team at DropCap Rights Agency, finding success in a niche market is a dream come true. Allison Olson co-founded DropCap to expand an already successful business in the international publishing rights world. With a college degree in Spanish and International Business, Allison worked in corporate publishing, using her fluency in Spanish to help transfer American books to Central American markets. When she realized how much she enjoyed the industry, Allison started her own rights agency, Letter Soup. Now she and her team travel the globe with the next bestseller, ready to read in almost any language.

We also talk about the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt, and how book fairs look for sellers. Allison talks about the importance of multicultural learning and cooking in her family, and explains where some of her love for international focus started. We go through the keys to making a book ripe for the international market, and go back to the beginning with home improvement books.

Plus, do you own characters created in your likeness? It depends who owns the idea.

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