Alex Maiers Episode 69

Legal Bits Episode#69–Rock On

When everything comes together, a big idea can be a little messy. Some entrepreneurs will see the mess and change course –others dive in headfirst. Within the confusion and craziness is the passion driving the whole experiment. Latching onto the passion is sometimes the difference between starting a successful business and living with unrealized dreams.

Every dream looks a little different than the next, and it is up to the dreamer to decide how to present it to the world. For musician Alex Maiers, his most recent production is a 12-track “progacouselectrockestral” compilation of the music he loves, the music he finds inspiring, and the inner beat of his own brain. Since May 28, 2002 –his musical birthday –Alex has been pursuing his own brand of freelance music. He composes, performs, and teaches a variety of instruments. From the guitar to the bouzouki, he is confident and comfortable with an instrument in his hands. His goal is to spread his own solo work, starting with his debut album, Sonic Chef’s Circus Absurdities.

We also talk about Alex’s other instruments and a particularly difficult track he recently attempted. Alex gives his life advice, which involves plenty of contingency plans. We dive into the world of Spotify royalties, and Alex’s strategy to stay ahead.

Plus, is similarity an imitation? Perhaps let the cow decide if she wants to be milked.

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If you want to learn more about Alex and his skills, check out his website. If you want some new music in your life, head to Alex’s Bandcamp page.

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