Libby Mehaffey Episode 68

Legal Bits Episode#68 –Business is Cooking

There may not be a perfect recipe to whip up a small business, though sometimes it happens almost by accident. Some business ventures are natural byproducts of everyday life, figuring out how to manage a household with a handful of busy kids, keep up with laundry and bills, and get hot meals on the table for dinner. Most of the “job” is a staple of daily routine and leaves little room for extra business ventures. Yet, there is almost always room for another serving.

Libby Mehaffey realized her routine –packed from morning to night –mirrored several of her friends. In fact, most people Libby knew could not even take the time to make a hot meal for their families. From there, Weeknight Kitchen began. Libby started by simply making more of her own meal, operating on an eight-week trial period for several families. At the end of the two months of home-cooked meals, the families were convinced the business model would work. After four years and 20 delivery locations, Weeknight Kitchen is approaching its biggest venture yet –a full commissary kitchen. Libby sees the opportunity for expansion, and she is ready to get cooking on the next phase of her business.

We also talk about the model of delivering meals on a schedule, and how a job in Washington, D.C. led Libby back to Minnesota. Libby dishes on the importance of using real ingredients to make good food, and why every meal comes with a salad. We even touch on the advice she would give herself today and would have needed twenty years ago.

Plus, do you have rights to your name? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to take a bow.

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