Elizabeth Hagen Episode 67

Legal Bits Episode #67 -Organizer

Running a business often means a lot of organization, which is crucial to success. An organized business environment helps you be more productive, efficient, and therefore profitable. When your office, files, and life are disorganized, it is difficult to get anything done.

For some, the idea of setting up systems to stay organized is too much to embrace. Rather than try, many people would rather let someone else show them how to organize, which is where Elizabeth Hagen comes into the picture. After having five children, Elizabeth decided to start a business to help others get organized. She is a motivational speaker and coach, and her goal is to help entrepreneurs understand how to live “perfectly flawed” lives. She insists the key to success is not being perfect, but rather dealing with mistakes and imperfections and moving forward.

We also talk about her membership with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), and Elizabeth explains life with four children under the age of five. We revisit the car accident that changed Elizabeth’s perspective on her life and explore the connection between confidence and organization. Elizabeth even dishes on the requirements for her dream man, and how she got him –Corvette and all.

Plus, is Facebook helping companies discriminate in hiring? You might not see it.

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