Melissa Breitenfeldt Episode 66

Legal Bits Episode#66 –That’s a Wrap

Business success is measured by simple mathematics –the money coming in must exceed the money going out. Streamlining the process can save money, which increases the potential for earnings. However, the brand strategy must be consistent to have maximum impact. Additionally, all successful business owners understand the importance of understanding your audience to make sure you advertise, promote, and distribute products and services in an attractive way.

After ten years working in power sports design –picking colors and finishes for ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles –Melissa Breitenfeldt decided to start her own business. With plenty of artistic ability and design skill –including a college degree in fine arts and painting –Melissa sought more business education, eventually earning her MBA. Now with the art skills to design catchy logos and patterns coupled with the business skill to maximize profits, Melissa is using MB4 Studio to help businesses stay on brand, on budget, and on time.

We also talk about her experience as the lead CMF (Color, Materials, and Finishes) designer with Polaris Industries, and why designing a plastic wrap for a vehicle usually seen at 50 miles per hour takes bold colors and good contrast. Melissa talks about selling paintings as she grew up, and the advice she would give to herself back in high school, eager to get going with her life. We even address the likelihood of working as a freelance artist if you pursue a fine arts degree in college.

Plus, can a princess be a trademark? Let down your hair and find out.

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