Chris Olsen Episode 65

Legal Bits Episode#65 –Cherry and Why

A successful business is essentially just the accumulation of many individual successes, as employees put together work of which they are proud. A small business, then, has an even greater need for effective employees, which requires appropriate motivation. Many individuals struggle to find purpose in their vocation and see each day as another rendition of the same tasks, stuck in a loop. The employees do not see why their job matters.

Chris Olsen, after a decade of putting in 60 hours per week, learned the importance of understanding why you put in the effort. Originally Chris applied for a job she saw in the newspaper, offering a chance to work for her favorite radio station. Her ‘why’ seemed simple enough, and the pure enjoyment of her job kept her motivated. Now, as a freelance communication expert with Chris Olsen Communications, Chris is motivated to help young women be the best entrepreneurs possible. She understands the importance of being confident in the ‘why’ for an idea and wants to pass her experience to more women looking for a strong foundation.

We also talk about the importance of establishing a founder for a project. Chris talks about the difference between men and women as entrepreneurs and explains the advice she would give to a younger version of herself. We even dish on rum cherry ice cream.

Plus, do you want to revamp a favorite book? Well maybe you can!

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