Cari Twitchell Episode 64

Legal Bits Episode#64 –The “Write” Fit

Even among entrepreneurs, there are different niches. Some business owners, in their inexperience, believe it is their responsibility to do it all –to create their product, promote their brand, manage their sales, and communicate with customers. While it may take significant time invested to bring a dream to the bank, many established businesspeople understand the value of bringing in other people to do tasks for which they are better suited.

After nearly a decade in marketing, Cari Twitchell realized her new business –Custom Content Solutions –missed a clear demographic of potential customers. Cari’s business helps business owners develop and maintain an effective website through well-written content. Where the company missed, however, came from business owners who could not yet afford to hire out their content creation even though they knew they needed help. As good entrepreneurs often do, Cari saw the opportunity to expand her brand. With Write That Site growing, Cari has created an online course designed to teach aspiring business owners to write their own content. The course also gives tips to organize web pages well and keep content properly updated.

We also talk about the importance of writing as a human. Cari mentions her own experience taking an online course and explains the difficulties of creating a course from scratch. We look at the importance of hiring the right people for the right tasks and identify the type of writing especially common among lawyers.

Plus, can a meme land you in court? If the photographer says so, it might.

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