Dr. Ron Bracy Episode 63

Legal Bits Episode#63 –From Flying to Walking

An effective story blends personal experience with understandable truths. By making connections from the author to the reader, the tale captivatingly pulls readers into the story. Any story capable of catching the attention of readers is good for business.

For retired Air Force veteran Dr. Ron Bracy, the personal elements of his story have developed over a life of agonizing learning experiences. The truths woven into the tale are of biblical proportions, and Dr. Bracy embraces the parallels. After over four decades in the Air Force – a job sending Dr. Bracy into the war-torn skies of the Vietnam War nearly 200 times and placing him at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 — Dr. Bracy retired from the military. ” He now teaches for a private Christian school. With a PhD. in Biblical Studies, Dr. Bracy began work on his book, Walk On. The story examines the biblical Old Testament Book of Habakkuk and compares the questions the prophet Habakkuk had to the questions Dr. Bracy wondered after losing his mother, friends, and even his son. The book took time for Dr. Bracy, who put a deep personal investment in the process as he asked God big questions.

We talk about Dr. Bracy’s experience leading to a career in the Air Force, as well as the sacrifice his son made as part of a Special Operations mission. Dr. Bracy discusses the importance of recognizing the similarities in Habakkuk’s time to the world around us today, and explains why his writing is “deliberately non-academic.” We talk about Habakkuk 3:19, which inspired the title of Bracy’s book, as well as the next book in the works.

Plus, should you trademark your name? Well, it’s your brother’s name too, isn’t it?

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