Valerie Faure Episode 62

Legal Bits Episode#62 –Minnesota and Mangos

Mixing personal experience and passion is a recipe for success. Many businesses are built on the idea you lay awake at night imagining, and run on the tricks and tools you learn through your life. When you care about the opportunity, it is often easier to convince yourself it is worth the long days and nights and the unexpected challenges. You have to embrace what you have in light of what you already know and whip up something new.

This process is quite literal for Valérie Faure, the French-born personal chef. Though she claims the South of France as her birthplace, Valérie grew up in Ivory Coast, and has spent time living in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and now the United States. These different cultural influences are put on full display through Valérie’s French Kitchen, the business Valérie started to pursue her passion for cooking. Now she teaches cooking classes, offers in-home services as a coach or private chef, and prepares exquisite meals for dinner parties.

We talk about Valérie’s focus to make French cuisine healthy by cutting back on rich ingredients like cream and lard. Valérie also discusses how this adventure all began talking about mangos in a Mexican market. We dive into the cultural influences present in her cooking and explore her personal palate.

Plus, do you believe labels on a box? If you buy whole grain Cheez-Its, you do.

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