Obed Santos Episode 61

Legal Bits Episode#61 –See the Target

It takes some level of adaptability to make a business work. Once a model is accepted and customers trust the brand, tweaks still keep the company progressing. Without improvements, a business will be leaped by competitors or trampled by determined consumers. With some shrewd adjustments, the business can stay ahead of the curve and prove profitable.

This sense of adaptability helped Obed Santos take his Le Cordon Bleu culinary training from Los Angeles to Chicago, as his wife’s job forced the move halfway across the country. Another promotion to Spirit Lake, Iowa, meant another transition to adapt, and Obed turned to specialty coffee. Now running Idioma Coffee Roastery, his early life experience in Nicaragua inspired a single origin blend with chocolaty notes; Obed appreciates the intricacies of specialty coffee, harvested at peak ripeness and roasted at the ideal temperature. His interest led him to achieve his Q-Grader certification –the coffee world equivalent of a sommelier. He knows coffee, and he knows business.

We talk about Obed’s first real job, using customer service and teamwork to get results. Obed explains how different regions create different flavors of coffee and tells about his experience taste-testing coffee in the dark to test his knowledge. We also talk about the importance of reading and setting clear goals.

Plus, is your go-to dance move copyright protected? It might be, if you play Fortnite.

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