Rachelle Niemann Episode 60

Legal Bits Episode #60 –Anxiously Embracing It

Businesses are often born from personal experience. Especially when a business is in its infancy, personal investment is essential to progress. It takes some sweat equity to lay the foundation for a new idea. The anxiety of opening up and letting life lessons become the platform on which to build success is normal, though sometimes crippling.

For Rachelle Niemann, the anxiety is where it all began. With a lifetime of personal struggles with anxiety and a desire to please everyone –all while remaining invisible –as her starting point, Rachelle began blogging. She has continued to bare her insecurities to her audience for the past three years. Now the blog is becoming a business, and Nourishing Worthiness is Rachelle’s company. She has written a book, Breaking Free from the Hustle of Worthiness, and continues to post in the hopes of helping others. She has learned the key to dealing with anxiety is self-love, which means understanding how to talk to yourself effectively. Her personal understanding of anxiety as more than a mood or a choice helps her relate to others struggling with feelings of insufficiency.

We also talk about Rachelle’s path from a degree in electrical engineering to working in internet security. She talks about what has made her an ultra-marathoner and describes her favorite food. We even discuss ways to start embracing discomfort to help train yourself for moments of anxiousness.

Plus, are you adding music to a podcast? You might want to beat to your own drum.

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