Nichole Smaglick Episode 59

Legal Bits Episode #59 – Start Making

There is an unwritten understanding that no ideas are new. To come up with a new concept usually means taking a familiar model and infusing it with a new perspective. One of the best ways to draw on fresh points of view is to embrace a different culture and mesh the two worlds into a “new” idea – and let the excitement build into a business.

After spending most of her life avoiding job interviews, Nichole Smaglick recognized an idea she wanted to support – involved fathers and grandfathers. She traveled back and forth to Africa, spending much of her time in a culture ingrained with fatherly influence, and realized American culture is lacking the resources to help dads do things with their children. Merging this need with the understood concept of a subscription service, Nichole created Cooper & Kid. Now her company distributes a box every three months, jam-packed with five different hands-on projects, a collectible medallion, bedtime stories, and even a themed meal plan. Nichole knows her audience is specifically dads and grandpas who want to be more involved in the lives of the five to twelve-year-olds in their lives. She aims to help them accomplish their goal.

We also talk about pop-up shops at Holidazzle and old Charlie Chaplin films. Nichole explains how her undergraduate studies in piano performance and African studies led her to live in Tanzania for a year. We discuss favorite foods for an expecting mother, and how the Sahara Desert will be part of the next Cooper Kit.

Plus, do you want to protect that old family recipe? You better publish it, then.

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If you want to give the gift of a Cooper Kit subscription this holiday season, check out Cooper & Kid online.

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