James Celkis Episode 58

Legal Bits Episode #58 –On the Side

Some entrepreneurial ventures require sacrifice. From time to money, it often takes a lot of effort to turn a dream into a reality. For this reason, a small business may start on the side and grow slowly. It is in times such as this when passion is essential to success and can keep the smallest idea alive.

After serving four years in the United States Air Force, James Celkis returned from his time abroad and moved to Minnesota. The Chicagoland native became a real estate agent to pay the bills and started Our Lost Founding on the side. After hearing a history teacher present at his church, James realized the Founding Fathers were every bit the heroes our culture idolizes today. Now, James wants to bring the focus back to where America began, founded on biblical principles. He happily supports his wife as the breadwinner for the family, and humbly acts as the CEO of a “multi-dollar” company. He has long felt the call of the American Dream, and starting his own business is in line with his beliefs as an American.

We also talk about the superiority of Lou Malnati’s Chicago-style pizza and upcoming t-shirt designs. James talks about his experience as a Minnesota Wild season ticket holder and explains why he would tell his younger self to embrace failure. We also explore the folly of borrowing money and his favorite part of filling more roles around the home.

Plus, can a girl be a Scout and not sell cookies? It depends how the judge rules.

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