Nancy Sheed Episode 57

Legal Bits Episode #57 – Making a Marketer

Having a good business nobody knows about will not make a lasting business. Sometimes the key to turning big ideas into big paychecks is good marketing. Whether you turn a personal network into increased brand awareness or maximize social media posts, your efforts have to be strategic. Otherwise, you have a good idea no one knows to buy.

After transitioning from accounting in New York to running her own marketing strategy company, Nancy Sheed learned how to effectively get noticed. She loves to share a good message, so she focuses on working with clients who want to transform lives. From career coaches to authors, Nancy helps build good marketing strategies to help spread the word on a promising product. She understands today’s market requires an active social media presence, from Twitter to Instagram to even LinkedIn. Nancy knows a good Instagram feed lets customers in on the secrets of “everyday life” and can make your brand more marketable. She has the system down, and loves helping others figure out how to make their own strategic plan, too.

We also talk about the benefits of different social media platforms. Nancy talks about her first job, and we explore the world of trademarks.

Plus, what to do if your credit card is skimmed at Chipotle? There’s no secret recipe.

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