Kelly Jahner-Byrne Episode 56

Legal Bits Episode #56 – Bob and Weave

Progress is a good measure of growth, and growth a good measure of success. Any entrepreneur knows stagnation is frustrating, and sometimes a failure feels fatal. It may take someone else to pick you up, brush the dirt off, and get things moving again. That usually marks the difference between a successful entrepreneur and one who wants to be – good support.

Finding good support is about more than just choosing someone who promises to increase sales or grow your network; a good coach has a proven track record of success. Kelly Jahner-Byrne has spent the last year refining her coaching, increasing the success of both herself and her clients. She found the importance of staying in your lane, which for her means saying no to some potential clients to better serve individuals in her niche. As The HOW Gal, she helps her clients set achievable, short-term goals to get them moving, and lets momentum build. From there, she expands her own business from referrals, which is the best type of business model for an entrepreneur because new clients come to you with a level of trust established. Kelly knows how to make the most of the word of mouth and maximize results.

We also discuss balancing family needs from aging parents to a middle school son. Kelly talks about the importance of starting the day with a good cup of coffee, and explains why she only checks her email once or twice a day. We talk through ideas for making connections when you don’t have a business card handy, and why a good entrepreneur needs to be able to bob and weave.

Plus, are you clicking on a post you might not recognize? Context is key.

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