Josh Taylor Episode 55

Legal Bits Episode #55 – A Dose of Hope

Sometimes the best plans change when God nudges in a new direction. It could be a change of pace or change of place, from clubhouses to ice houses. Regardless of the change, once the gut feeling sets in, the only way to appease the nagging feeling is to take the leap into what comes next.

After planning to become a professional golfer, Josh Taylor decided he would take his love of golf and combine it with a degree in civil engineering. Josh moved from Sydney, Australia to the United States to design more golf courses, with a nine-hole course under his belt. While his passion for designing golf courses remains, Josh felt God pushing him toward something new, and a move from Phoenix to Minneapolis brought Josh to the role of president for HopeKids. Running the nonprofit means Josh gets to focus on the company’s vision of giving hope to families of children with life-threatening illnesses. The HopeKids staff let children focus on what comes next, rather than losing hope as they face their battles.

We also discuss partnering with the Timberwolves, Wild, and Twins. Josh talks about being married to a girl from South Dakota, and what he thought about moving to Minnesota in the first place. We talk about nonprofit fundraising spikes in December, why Josh compares himself to a cheese pizza, and trusting God’s plan.

Plus, is your social media full of advertisements? Maybe it always has been.

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To learn more about Josh’s work or to help the cause, head to the HopeKids website.

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