Kim McLaughlin Episode 54

Legal Bits Episode #54 – Better Eating

So much of life becomes cyclical, as days seem to loop. Human nature craves routine, even when the cycle may not be helpful. Perhaps no area more obviously illustrates this trend than common eating habits, as many individuals overeat to cope with overwhelming emotions, then feel guilty and attempt to diet to fix the problem, only to repeat the cycle when it becomes clear the problem is deeper than eating.

From her personal experience and work with clients, Kim McLaughlin has identified effective methods to help people overcome struggles with overeating. Her business, Feed Your Soul, builds on her graduate degree in clinical psychology. She explains how getting to the core issue in overeating habits is especially important this time of year, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas creating a “holiday trifecta” for food-focused gatherings. Kim understands we often eat to feel better, only to later feel worse for overeating. She has the tools necessary to break the cycle.

We also talk about Kim’s experience working with teenagers while she studied psychology in school. We discuss the importance understanding the problem you may face, and how Kim can help.

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