Ursula Mentjes Episode 53

Legal Bits Episode #53 – Just Get Out of Your Way

Sometimes the biggest obstacle between you and your success is your own mindset. You think selling means doing something a specific way, and you set your sights on accomplishing that task. When things go in an unexpected direction, you only know how you thought things should have gone, and you’re left short of where you hoped to end.

With proven success as a president of a $20 million company and three-time best selling author, Ursula Mentjes knows how to make your mindset work for you. Her focus, channeled into Sales Coach Now is the culmination of her drive and instincts blending together. Ursula took a job in sales to pay for law school, and ended up mastering sales by focusing on being intentional. After all, when you know what you want the way to get there becomes clear. Now Ursula is helping others change their mindset from looking at what they intend to get done and what they will get done, and being okay spending time in the process of completing big goals.

We also talk about the college job that pushed Ursula away from law school, even as she held on to the thought of going when she could afford the tuition. There is talk of herding sheep and hoeing weeds, and the incentives of candy and soda. Ursula also discusses the importance of self-investment, from therapy to coaching.

Plus, why update music copyright laws? Because this isn’t the 70s, man.

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