Debbie Hoffman Episode 52

Legal Bits Episode #52 – Easy to Follow

Having a great business idea is the root of success. Yet so many excellent ideas never bring a return on investment, and what could have been just is not. The issue is so many people are either unsure how or afraid to follow up. No one wants to feel pushy, and following up seems similar to nagging.

With a successful career working Wall Street in her rearview mirror, Debbie Hoffman has perfected the strategy of good follow-ups. In fact, her methods have brought in over 25 billion dollars for her clients. Debbie understands the key to following up with potential clients is coming across as helpful, and investing in the relationship. She knows how to make networking events work for you, and has a step-by-step process to ensure follow-up happens in a timely, effective manner.

We also talk about the importance of following up with potential clients within the first 24-48 hours after talking to them, to capitalize on higher interest. As business needs grow, remembering to follow up is a challenge, so Debbie has a list of recommended Customer Relation Managers (CRMs). We also address the importance of working hard and forgiving yourself when you make mistakes. Debbie even has a free gift for Legal Bits for Business listeners: 4 Secrets to “Power-Up” Your Sales (without being salesy)!

Plus, can Amazon’s Alexa help you in California? New security laws could change it.

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