Mooniek Seebregts Episode 51

Legal Bits Episode #51 – Sailing to Success

Few jobs require on-call commitment 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Perhaps only one dares to demand so much and never issue a paycheck – parenting. Those with children understand the job of a parent is never finished, and the efforts often go unnoticed in the process. Yet being a parent is also (one of) the most rewarding undertakings.

After two decades of personal experience, Mooniek Seebregts has learned a thing or two about parenting. The former nurse spent five years sailing the Pacific Ocean, taking on waves three stories tall; now she takes on big questions parents may struggle to answer. With her Great Parents Empower course, Mooniek helps train parents to fearlessly raise their kids. She understands the repetitive nature of parenting makes it easy to get into a rut and has experienced the joy present nonetheless. Her key to success is to make every effort to not be boring on a personal level – a deep curiosity of self-makes you a better person, and that will make you a better parent.

We also talk about Mooniek’s humble beginnings in a supermarket, where her shyness kept her hidden in mediocrity. She shares the benefits of making family dinners a priority and explains why the key to parenting is learning how to not be afraid. We touch on her time as a nurse, and the trick to holding on to something right in the middle of a mess of mistakes.

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