Ryan Brown Episode 50

Legal Bits Episode #50 – For the Green

Any business has a learning curve. For many business owners, the biggest factor in creating a successful business is educating the customers and potential customers about the business. For some companies, the customer has a much more direct impact on business success, and it can be as simple as mowing the lawn.

Spring-Green Lawn Care has been making grass look great for over forty years. Thirteen years ago, Ryan Brown quit his human resources job and started a Spring-Green franchise with his tech-savvy dad and zero lawn care experience. Now Ryan manages two franchises, and is a master of all things green. He knew he made a good choice to start a franchise when he realized how much fun he had not having a boss. Now, Ryan manages his crews all around the Twin Cities as they wrap up one of the busiest times of the year. Fall is the season of aerating and fertilizing to prepare lawns for a healthier, fuller spring. His efforts may only been seen eight days in a year, though the results show all year long.

We also talk about Ryan’s love of pizza (and occasionally ice cream). He explains why the random patches of dead grass in your yard are exactly that, and how Spring-Green can help manage the lawn. We talk about great business tips, from lawn care specifics – like mowing high in the hotter months – to understanding the importance of invoicing to communicate with customers. As most business owners understand, cash is king – and Ryan is a fantastic money manager. He shares a few tips on making each dollar do the most work possible.

Plus, is a franchise a good business investment? Some are definitely lovin’ it.

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It’s not too late to get your lawn ready for winter – get over to Spring-Green’s website and let Ryan work his magic (which he insists isn’t magic).


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