Marsha Anderson Episode 49

Legal Bits Episode #49 – Mood by Design

Our moods can be easily influenced by our surroundings. A dingy bathroom makes for many grumpy mornings, while a light kitchen makes the morning cup of coffee a little more enjoyable. It is important to be intentional with designing spaces to bring joy and happiness; otherwise, the spaces only detract from our lives.

After two decades with an investment firm and a stint in the music industry in sunny California, Marsha Anderson decided to follow her passion and start designing. “Shasha,” as she called herself as a toddler, has always loved to make happy spaces in which to live. She works side-by-side with (almost exclusively) women who wish to transform their living rooms into rooms worth the living. A splash of color paired with pieces you already have and love can make a space feel like home, and Marsha thrives on putting the pieces together.

We also talk about Marsha’s love for pepperoni pizza, and why she spray-painted her California windows to remind her of Minnesota. Marsha also describes the difference between learning an occupation and cultivating a passion. We even toss out the possibility of hiring an interior designer to set up a space for the holidays.

Plus, is the Jumpman logo a copyright violation? You have no idea.

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