Alissa Daire Nelson Episode 48

Legal Bits Episode #48 – I Dare You

We make goals focused on the end result, not on the process. With our gaze set far over the horizon, it’s easy to stumble on the steps right before us. Success comes when we recognize our ability in the moment, and set a goal to get out of our own way.

As a certified Success Coach, Alissa Daire Nelson had to follow her own advice 30 years ago. After remarrying, she legally changed her middle name to carry with her the maiden name she found so fitting – Daire. Now, she proudly dares herself to reach her goals, and helps others to do the same. In her book, From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome, Alissa addresses the issue we often have with limiting ourselves so as not to offend anyone else. She explains we cannot truly help others until we let ourselves become our own best. For her, the first test came after five months of working out and following a strict meal plan; Alissa walked across the stage as a body builder and crushed her goal.

We also talk about making the right decisions, even if it means making other people unhappy. Alissa talks about her love for avocados, and of course, chocolate. We examine how a career in direct sales often leads to true entrepreneurship, and why it is difficult to trust your intuition.

Plus, isn’t it free to use someone’s work without asking? Not exactly.

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