Amanda Kaufman Episode 47

Legal Bits Episode #47 – Have it All

We spend countless hours working if only to get closer to having it all. Culture tells us to be successful, have a family, and park a nice car in front of a fancy home. Until we get there, we assume it must just take working harder; we think we can work more and suddenly we’ll have everything we wanted.

From a decade of personal experience, Amanda Kaufman learned having it all is about the skills you put to use, not the hours you spend slaving away. As an independent, Certified High Performance Coach, Amanda replaced her corporate America salary with something she built. A college degree in chemical engineering became a building block for the former strategist, as Amanda figured out how to maximize the potential of limited resources. Now she coaches others to do the same and helps people learn to crush their business goals on their way to having it all.

We also talk about the four boxes of making a connection, from meeting to delivering an outcome. Amanda shares her childhood dream of being a specific type of helicopter pilot, and shares advice her younger self likely needed. We also talk about the importance of repetition, and why building habits is essential to developing success, especially in business.

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If you want some coaching to help you crush your goals, talk with Amanda.

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