Connie Hertz Episode 46

Legal Bits Episode #46 – Paradise Dreams

From the worst pain can often come the biggest successes. It often takes help, though, to ensure the pain serves as motivation instead of debilitation. With understanding coaching, new progress can turn dreams into everyday reality.

After years working as an oncology nurse, Connie Hertz decided she wanted a new way to help people. She always knew she enjoyed helping others, she just had not yet figured out how she would do that. After her husband of over 20 years up and left Connie and their two daughters, she had to rebuild her world. She found the support she needed in her coaches, and now is a coach herself. As a certified Dream Coach, Connie specializes in taking hopes and turning them into goals, and then setting plans in motion to make them happen. She helps her clients live in the GLOW as they learn to grow, love, open themselves to new, and be willing to embrace the change.

We also talk about Connie’s experience as an author and contributor to an Amazon Bestseller in 10 categories. She explains what drove her to be an entrepreneur and why being one of five kids played a roll in her development. Connie talks about her personal coaching acronym MOVE and the upcoming Spiritual Vacation Retreat on the beautiful sands of Kauai.

Plus, can you copyright the birds flying overhead? Maybe if you give them tutus.

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