Amy Quale Episode 45

Legal Bits Episode #45 – Shades and Stories

Books can change the world. If you are not convinced, ask any little girl who daydreams of being an international spy ninja princess or little boy who wants to be an astronaut policeman acrobat. Mixed in the pages are adventures to new worlds and stories full of excitement, passion, mystery, and surprise. Each tattered corner shows a pause in reality, either coming or going to a new world.

As one of those little girls with big dreams found in all varieties of books, Amy Quale knows the impact good books can have. She cofounded the Wise Ink blog to discuss some of what she had learned and ideas she had. As the blog grew, Amy realized it needed to be a bigger story – and from there, Wise Ink Creative Publishing came to be. Taking her Master’s thesis centered on Fifty Shades of Grey and mixing in her elementary school experience memorizing poetry, Amy has built a successful publishing company intent on helping authors find their purpose. She believes books have soul, and with the right partnerships those books can flourish.

We talk about authors having to self-promote their work in order to have success. Amy touches on her childhood punishments, and retells her first job rejection. We discuss the importance of selling well, and why eyeglasses and stories have something in common.

Plus, are you bold enough to file a trademark for a word? You have to be cocky.

For all things Legal Bits, check us out on Facebook at Legal Bits for Business. If you felt a stirring inside you, as a story wants to climb out onto the pages of a new book, give Amy and her team a look.

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