Angie Weber Episode 44

Legal Bits Episode #44 – Hello Potential

Sometimes it is out of necessity a new brand is born. Good ideas can sit without nurturing until life forces them into the open. Bold entrepreneurs take the opportunities and push them to the limits, determined to see the idea reach its full potential.

As a mom of twins, Angie Weber learned she did not always (or even often) have time to sit in front of the mirror and put on her makeup. Yet she also knew she felt more confident in meetings when she had some mascara and lipstick handy. As she sought simple and clean makeups, she realized her dream of opening a coffee shop could easily be a makeup business instead. Transitioning her dream, Angie and a friend founded Hello Life, focused on making makeup without harsh chemicals for busy moms who like the extra confidence a little lipstick brings.

We talk about how essential oils led to making mascara, and why the business is about more than makeup for Angie. From personal experience, Angie has a tender heart for mental illnesses, and Hello Life donates a portion of every sale to a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those who need a little extra help. We explore how working in a nursing home may have shaped who Angie has become, and why her go-to snack includes barbeque sauce.

Plus, will Drake have new hoodies on tour this year? If it’s God’s Plan, maybe.

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If you want 20 percent off your first order of Hello Life makeup, use the code FINCH when checking out online.

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