Sarah Becker Episode 43

Legal Bits Episode #43 – So Good You’re Gone

Every business has processes that allow it to function. It could be the process of ordering new office supplies when someone notices a shortage or a step-by-step process for getting a product from the order form to the mailbox. Most processes get the job done, though some could be more efficient. As processes are corrected and adapted, business owners have more time to do what they do best.

After a decade in Corporate America, Sarah Becker realized she had a knack for improving processes. She would spend hours scrolling through Google searches, finding tools to help improve her processes. She repeatedly simplified her processes to the point of turning a full-time job into half-time hours. While the efficiency helped her meet her goal of avoiding overtime, it also made her position nonessential, leaving her jobless. Now, through her new business, Clear Simple Business, Sarah is helping business owners streamline their processes to save time, leaving room for the true priorities.

We also discuss how the smallest changes often make the biggest impact. Sarah explains why she wishes she had been easier on herself when she first started, and why she won’t buy potato chips. We even spend some time talking about the nuances of horse personalities.

Plus, is Adidas really Never Done? Ask the guy who came up with the slogan.

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