Shawndel Spader Episode 42

Legal Bits Episode #42 – Bacon and Bookkeeping

Few things kill progress more quickly than apathy. Entrepreneurs rely on passion to push through long days and nights. The original idea serves as enough fuel to start working, and progress looks like more logs on the fire. Then a necessary yet uncomfortable task comes along and douses the flame as frustration builds.

After realizing how common this frustration is with entrepreneurs, Shawndel Spader realized the opportunity before her. The Spader Group exists to take on the unfamiliar or tedious tasks essential to running a business. Bookkeeping and administrative tasks are building blocks for an effective company, though many business owners would rather do almost anything else. Shawndel understands the balance of needing to get the job done and not being able to hire a fulltime bookkeeper, admin assistant, or a go to person for day to day tasks. Instead of watching businesses fail, the Spader Group comes in to take some tasks on, helping entrepreneurs focus on their job, instead of living in the job.

We also discuss why it’s often better to follow your heart than your head. Shawndel explains how anything moving you out of your “sweet spot” can be outsourced, and why her team can do it so well. She also dishes on her favorite foods, from sesame chicken to moose tracks.

Plus, can a video game violate copyright protection on a player’s tattoos? Not even the players may get to decide.

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