Amanda Johnson Episode 41

Legal Bits Episode #41 – Safe on the Inside

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s a happy story or horror story, sometimes the best way to tell the story is by writing a book or sharing it with a LIVE audience or clients. That’s where many story-owners struggle because they don’t believe they can write a book or impact an audience. Yet some storytellers have a message inside them, waiting to crack through the surface and get out in the world.

That’s where Amanda Johnson comes in, as a self-proclaimed “message oracle and messenger guide.” Amanda strives to help others reverse the negative messages that limit them; for example, it’s not a bad child who breaks a window, it’s a child who does a bad thing. By changing the language, and especially through describing and retelling events, the messenger’s focus shifts and they become more free and true to their intention. As a teacher, Amanda thought she could help – and she did. She just felt a calling to do more, and slowly she realized she had a message that needed to get to parents. In just three weeks, the process of living like a butterfly, from eager caterpillar to riding the winds, made it to the pages of The Upside-Down Mommy. Now Amanda helps others find their message, and get the ideas onto pages and stages…from inspiration to impact.

We also talk about how we can learn from a caterpillar, especially how they act as their surroundings change. Amanda discusses her feelings toward chocolate, and also talks about how long the process of writing a book actually takes.

Plus, what’s the cost of a Forever Stamp? Somewhere around $3.5 million.

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