Esther Hatfield Miller Episode 40

Legal Bits Episode #40 – Open a Can of…

Too often, sexual abuse victims are pressured to keep quiet. This allows the abusers to walk freely, and sometimes even continue to take advantage of their victims. The shame and guilt many victims feel lets time tick by until the abusers can no longer be convicted of past crimes.

As a victim of clergy sexual abuse, Esther Hatfield Miller knows firsthand how deeply the wounds cut. After years of staying silent to protect her father from literal hell, Esther has learned how to speak from the scars and not the wounds; she has taught herself to heal and to move forward. With her own method of recovery, Esther started Whoop Ass Healing to help other victims of clergy sexual abuse. She believes it is critical to the process to incorporate humor and whimsy and use personal growth to Whoop Ass toward healing.

We will also discuss why it is important to stay in your lane and become an expert, rather than try to do everything. Esther will explain how working in a department store prepared her to run a business and speak about her experiences. She’ll also give a sneak peek into her favorite meal, and give three great pieces of advice.

As an added bonus, Esther has a free gift offer for Legal Bits for Business listeners.

Plus, if the Cat in the Hat gets crude and nude, is the new storyteller getting sued? Perhaps the story’s too unglued. For all things Legal Bits, check us out on Facebook at Legal Bits for Business.

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