Irmadene Hanson Episode 39

Legal Bits Episode #39 – Consistently Good

Everyone has influence. Effectiveness relies on intentionality. With honesty and integrity, influence can be used to add to people and situations, rather than take from them. Every person has the ability to build instead of destroy, even if it takes effort or practice.

Growing up on a farm in small-town Minnesota, Irmadene Hanson couldn’t wait to get out. She enlisted in the U.S. Army, and then went to college to study to be a nurse. After several decades, Irmadene returned to the family farm, bought the property from her parents, and started Magnify Your Influence. With her company, Irmadene focuses on helping healthcare professionals have a positive influence. She is “happy as a clam” to be back where she grew up, and loves seeing her kids growing up right where she did, too.

We’ll also talk about the core pieces of being a John C. Maxwell certified coach. Irmadene knows the key to making a good impact is by communicating, in healthcare and any business where people are involved. She’ll also talk about why it’s so important to be consistent, and why peanut butter and chocolate are always thebest combination.

Plus, is Hollywood going underground? California’s new privacy laws could get costly.

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