Kristi Hughes Episode 37

Legal Bits Episode #37 – Oregon Pinot Noir

From winos to sommeliers, a bottle of grapes paired well is an experience to be had. For many, wine is an integral piece of great memories. Whether it’s a shared bottle in the light from the television set or a tasting in Napa Valley, a good bottle of fermented grapes is much more than a drink.

After working as a paramedic, Kristi Hughes took a sharp turn to a new career field – wine. Her company, The Fermented Experience, specializes in putting together tours to enhance the wine drinking experience to the utmost. The all-inclusive tours take the moniker literally, from flights to limousine transportation to some of the finest wineries in the world. Each tour includes every meal, which means lunches overlooking vineyards and dinners with several courses – and wines, of course. Thanks to Kristi’s connections, her clients benefit from true behind-the-scenes access at breweries, distilleries, and vineyards.

We’ll also talk about what a Level 3 Wine Professional knows, and how tough it is to make it to Level 5. Kristi explains why beers and spirits fit into her brand, too.

Choosing the best restaurants in the Twin Cities is like asking Kristi to choose a favorite child, though she’ll come up with a few.

Plus, can you skip the sales tax if you don’t have a building? Let’s ask SCOTUS.

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