Joel Eckman Episode 36

Legal Bits Episode #36

Thoroughbred Fore-site From racehorses to churches, every website needs a targeted approach. Effective marketing understands the primary consumer demographic and goes after it with laser focus. With ever-changing analytics and algorithms designed to benefit well-designed sites (and hinder poorly designed sites), achieving success in website design and marketing takes practice.

Creating Horse Hosting, a website designed to serve the thoroughbred stallion racehorse crowd – an admittedly small niche – gave Joel Eckman practice he needed. With over 20 years of website design and marketing experience, Joel is truly a digital guru. He’s a proud geek, comfortable discussing Google Analytics as small talk. His company, Globalsites, is responsible for over forty thousand dollars of monthly revenue for his clients. He’s learned he is much happier working directly with clients, and his clients value the direct support their sites receive as a result.

We’ll talk about color blindness, and why it matters for your website. Joel will explain how a church website inspired him to start his own business, and what the new GDPR means for online businesses. He’ll even discuss the value in failing – a lot.

Plus, are you thinking of the next GoFundMe campaign? There’s more to it than asking for money.

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