Contracts, Mary Fain Brandt Episode 35

Legal Bits Episode #35 – Hit the Links

The world changes quickly, and keeping up to do your job can be a job in itself. The old adage still rings true –it’s all who you know. As the internet brings the world to your palm, there are now just more people to know. If done well, this is a strategic advantage.

After decades in an established career field, Mary Fain Brandt decided to switch paths. When her mother received the fateful diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Mary knew she wanted to spend more time where it mattered most. While Mary had been working, though, the job market had moved to cyberspace. While training herself in all things LinkedIn and Facebook, Mary realized therein lay the market she needed. The LinkedIn Bakery is Mary’s way of helping others –especially entrepreneurs – utilize LinkedIn to make meaningful connections.

We’ll talk about the importance of being active on LinkedIn, not just having a profile. Mary explains why LinkedIn is a great professional resource, and why it is crucial it be used for strictly professional purposes. She’ll also talk about her LinkedIn training course and how you can get involved. Plus, are you really ready to write a contract? Make sure you check these three boxes.

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