Gone Girl Copyright, Rahje Spon Episode 34

Legal Bits Episode #34–Think About It

The world is full of people who want to be and do better. Taking the desire and creating action is difficult, when almost every field is riddled with individuals caught in damaging patterns. Those thinking patterns are habits, and habits can be broken – with help.

That’s where Rahje Spon got the idea for her company, Truthought. After a career in real estate, which transformed into investments and then criminal justice, Rahje realized there are people in every career field who give the rest a bad reputation. A small percentage of workers make the whole “type” look bad, if only because they tend to favor destructive thought patterns. Truthought, then, exists to help businesses utilize the skills of professional psychologists and counselors to help employees self-identify destructive thoughts and then take tangible steps to combat them.

We’ll talk about Truthought GO, the new app that allows people across the country to change their patterns. Rahje talks about her love of Thai food, and why she was continually unimpressed with her coworkers from one career to the next. Plus, is “Gone Girl” about to be gone for real? Only if the original shows up.

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