Just Don’t Do It, Episode 33 Ann Aubitz

Legal Bits Episode #33 – Just Don’t Do It

In a world of fresh content and the ability to spread it around the world, copyright protection is increasingly important. With a legal protection in place, the creator of a work can produce and distribute with confidence. If anyone decides to use the creation, the copyright also allows for efficient policing to continually protect the integrity of the work.

In a reversal of roles, Julie Finch sits in the hot seat to talk about different facets of copyright laws as she has seen them play out. As an attorney, Julie understands the significance of copyrights for creators. If it’s on the internet, it probably still belongs to someone somewhere, and getting permission for use is critical. Even giving credit to the original source is not sufficient with copyright protection – and it actually admits infringement. Julie will explain the difference between photographs and quotes, as well as giving the “magic date” for old works becoming public domain. People pour effort and energy into their creations, and the copyright helps protect them.

We’ll also take a look at why memoirs should usually include fictitious names. Getting permission to use names, photographs, or quotes is often a difficult process, and even when it’s achievable it needs to be in writing with explicit terms of use. People will sue “little guys” over a single photo, to establish a standard.

Plus, can you buy a copyright? You’re probably buying a reproduction, not an original.

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