Pokemon Go, Trespassing, Lisa Zufall Episode 32

Legal Bits Episode #32 – Anything on a Stick

A business starts with an idea, and it is nurtured from the ground up. Many business owners underestimate all the pieces required to put the puzzle together and become too overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty to push forward. As Peter Drucker says, the key is to “[d]o what you do best, and outsource the rest.”

After a decade in a job she truly enjoyed, Lisa Zufall felt an itch to strike out into unknown territory. She followed Drucker’s advice, pursuing her strengths, and created a business to be the outsourcing for other startups. Birch Solutions grew from the ashes of a real estate investment company Lisa started and has grown into something with a life all its own. Lisa has worked with clients such as CVS and United Health Group, focusing on being effective and intentional with a company’s online presence.

We’ll also explore The Great Minnesota Get-Together and how a job as the janitor at A&W pushed Lisa to start her own businesses. Lisa will share the importance of truly identifying a target market and how she thrives on helping others succeed.

Plus, when Pokémon GO leads children onto private property, do they still gotta catch ‘em all? The property lines may not be quite so virtual.

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