Hashtag: School, Andrea Gribble Episode 31

Legal Bits Episode #31 – Hashtag: School

Most schools are full of students who spend as much time (or more) on social media as they do working on schoolwork. In fact, over 80 percent of adults are even on some form of social media, with most users claiming five different platforms. The world is increasingly becoming more tightly connected, yet schools often struggle to keep up.

Recognizing this problem, Andrea Gribble turned an unexpected layoff into the opportunity to chase an idea to give her a job she cared about and the flexibility her schedule needed. After some tinkering, Andrea realized helping schools run social media accounts well could be a massive market to embrace, so she launched #SocialSchool4EDU. Through her company, Andrea and her team manage the social media accounts for over 50 schools. From live-streaming graduation ceremonies to posting up-to-the-minute updates about cancellations and delays, #SocialSchool4EDU helps schools connect to the parents in their district.

Andrea will also explain how the best thing she ever did for her business was to give her product away. Though it may seem crazy, she insists on offering free material drives business in an unexpected way. Now she’s even ready to host a social media “summer camp” to kick-start the social media presence of schools across the country.

Plus, does the GDPR mean the end of fine print? Facebook has an answer in their service agreement, somewhere.

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If you want truly free tips on managing the social media for your school or business, #SocialSchool4EDU has over 200 articles at your disposal. For ongoing assistance, contact Andrea through the website.

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