Retainer Agreements and Mark Trego Episode 30

Legal Bits Episode #30 – Internet in Iowa

Some ideas are limited because of a lack of knowledge. With the right resources, new skills can turn those ideas into plans, and the plans can become a business. It just takes the right learning opportunity to start the process.

This is the niche filled by Mark Trego and his online video training program, Stone River eLearning. With several online, video-based training courses, Stone River eLearning is the resource many budding entrepreneurs need to turn their dreams into action plans. Over 300,000 students have utilized the courses offered by Mark’s company since it’s founding in 2012. Now, this is one of the best ways to be certified in myriad technology skills.

Listen to Mark describe how selling 5¢ candy for a 500 percent increase in grade school led him to work in online college course development. As an added bonus, Mark will explain how he can run a big business from a farm in Iowa, simply differentiate between crypto-currency and blockchain, and share why it’s important to “learn the hard way” if you’re going to be successful.

Plus, can an attorney take on retainers? You’d probably want to get paid for working, too.

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If you want to enhance your technological abilities, check out Stone River eLearning.

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