Online Data, What is Being Collected? And Theresa Lohkta Episode 28

Legal Bits Episode #28 – Where’d You Go?

Perhaps the best way to help missing children is to make sure they never go missing in the first place. With proper education on missing children, families can be better equipped to keep their children safe. With appropriate instruction on safety, children can be better prepared to avoid trouble before a crisis begins.

Trading her dreams of living in a New York studio, click-clacking away at her typewriter, to instead be the executive director of Missing Children Minnesota, Teresa Lohkta has helped thousands of families through difficult times. Her efforts have continued the work of the oldest missing children organization in all of Minnesota. When someone goes missing, it takes calm, practiced experience to save the day.

Like almost anything in life, a big problem is manageable when it’s broken into smaller, attainable goals. Connecting with the right people can save important time.

Plus, did you ever think tracking your steps could keep you out of jail? Just ask Fitbit how their tracking has been an alibi for murder.

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To educate yourself on how to keep your children safe, visit the Missing Children Minnesota website or find Missing Children MN on Facebook and Twitter.

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