Copyrighted Fonts and Kelli Jaecks Episode 26

Legal Bits Episode #26 – Who’s Your Tribe?
Many women experience fear and confusion about how they look and feel as they grow older. The loss of fertility is often associated with the loss of desirability and virility. Lack of information, and fear of the unknown can cause women to go inward rather than seek help.

As a women’s empowerment and healthcare advocate, educator, and communication professional, Kelli lends her expertise in health and wellness, to inspire women as they navigate through the changes and stages of menopause by providing scientific, nutritional, physiological, and psychological knowledge. Kelli emphasizes the importance of creating a tribe of people who “have your back”.  With the right people around, you can make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Plus, did you know this font is copyright protected? The people at Target probably do.

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