API’s, Copyrights and Jamie Shibley Episode 27

Legal Bits Episode #27 – A Warm Hug From Heaven

You know the feeling of sifting through the mail and finding, wedged between bills and credit card offers, a real card. Some childlike joy tugs the corners of your mouth upward, making you smile.

Sending those touching, thoughtful cards takes time, effort, and at least legible handwriting. At least, it used to require those things. In the past few years, Jamie Shibley has turned the mail-sorting joy into a business of fostering connections. With her do-it-all card company, The Cardcierge, Jamie creates, designs, and even sends cards for every occasion imaginable.

We’ll explore what it takes to keep your customer base, and how crucial it is to connect with them on a regular basis. Most businesses lose 20 percent of their customers each year by simply failing to stay connected. Jamie’s newest addition to her business, The Expressory, is designed to avoid exactly that problem.

Plus, go big or go home? Oracle is filing a lawsuit against Google, rumored to be seeking in excess of $9 billion.

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If it’s time to send a card to a loved one, business partner, or connection, head to The Cardcierge.

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