Michelle Mazzara Episode 24

Legal Bits Episode #24 – Superbowl Spice

A football tailgate party needs two things – fans and food. This week we meet one of Minnesota’s entrepreneurial women who took her food to Superbowl 52, and left with fans of her own.

Founder and CEO of LuvAFoodie, Michelle Mazarra got her seasoned cheese curds approved as an official vendor item for the VIP Tailgate event prior to this year’s Superbowl. Michelle explains the process of approval, from taste tests to freeze-dried tequila. The Big Game became a brand recognition opportunity of a lifetime, and LuvAFoodie is looking for a layup at the Final Four in 2019.

In addition, Michelle talks about her involvement with the American Heart Association. Her perspective as a heart attack survivor changed her views on life.

Plus, can you copyright a punchline? Ask Conan O’Brien who’s laughing now.

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To order cheese curds, spices, and all things foodie-related, check out LuvAFoodie.com or find LuvAFoodie on Amazon.

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