Website Accessibility and Tina Rexing Episode 23

Legal Bits Episode #23 – Monster Cookies

Everyone loves a good cookie. What’s better? How about making the cookie a full half-pound of gooeyness? (For the truly ambitious, cookies can be custom-ordered to be five pounds of golden brown deliciousness.) That’s a sweet business strategy.

Tina Rexing quit her stable, corporate job to pursue her passion of making cookies. Fast forward about eight months, and T-Rex Cookie is being featured on the Today Show. From there, US Bank Stadium wanted a mega-cookie deal. Now, T-Rex Cookie has a permanent setup at Vikings home games, a brick-and-mortar shop in Minneapolis, and a partnership with Sysco Minnesota to distribute cookie dough. Tina is quickly spreading her half-pound cookies across the Twin Cities, because #sizematters.

We’ll talk about the trick to baking massive dough “pucks” to chewy perfection, and how the giant cookies got their start. Tina also explains how a background in data analytics helps sell cookies. She even knows where to find a mixer big enough for a 2,000-pound batch of cookies.

Plus, does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) apply to online shopping? 1-800-Flowers might have to wake up and smell the roses.

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When your cookie craving hits, check out T-Rex Cookie in Minneapolis. Stop by the Café for a sweet dessert to share (or not; it’s just one cookie, right?).