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Legal Bits Episode #22 – Duck Normal

Once upon a time, a woman in business had a promising career until she got pregnant. After that, her best contribution to society would be as a stay-at-home mother. The corporate world belonged to men, and it was better that way. Women did not belong in business.

Then one day, Cheryl Leitschuh stepped onto the scene, burning her bra in protest. She insisted women not only belonged in business but could even thrive. After 25 years of managing her own business, Cheryl has outlasted those who believed she belonged at home. She has trusted her highly successful intuition through the twists and turns of owning a business, and now put that expertise into a book, “Straight Talk for Smart Business Women.”

We’ll talk about how Cheryl utilizes “time blocking” to get things done. Now in her semi-retirement, we also explore what it looks like to have more free time after a career of chosen business. Now Cheryl is learning to sit and watch the ducks.

Plus, is a sweepstakes pay to play? You might not want to try your luck.

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