LLC vs Partnership DeAnna Nunez Episode 21

Legal Bits Episode #21 – Courage? As If.

Too often, people wait to take a step toward their dreams because they lack confidence. Instead of building the courage required to jump, sometimes it’s jumping that builds the courage. Reframing fears into motivation can unlock new potential, and then growth can truly begin.

De’Anna Nunez has formulated a method to bring out the best potential in her clients, through the power of hypnosis. By using hypnosis as a tool, De’Anna is able to teach clients to tap into their subconscious, allowing them to imagine “as if” things were different, and then step toward those goals. From cosmetology school to speaking as a Vital Mind Coach before 10,000 Boy Scouts, De’Anna’s path developed one fearful step at a time. The process is simple – “Desire. Action. Courage.” The trick is getting past the fear that stops the first step.

We’ll talk about how the HypnoChick turned her fun gimmick into a legitimate business. With a massive goal approaching for 2018 with the “Wake Up One Million Movement,” De’Anna talks about using self-hypnosis to get her to take the next step, and embrace the confidence as it comes.

Plus, do you want to partner together? That depends who’s asking.

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If you want more information on the “Wake Up One Million Movement” or De’Anna’s hypnosis tutorials, check out her website.

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