Stef Peters and LinkedIn Non-Solicitation Clauses Episode 20

Legal Bits Episode #20 – Grab the Popcorn

Many people, especially women, let fear dictate their actions. It can be a fear of failure or of comparison. Measuring against someone else’s Instagram feed creates impossible expectations, because only the highs get posted, while the lows stay offline. In order to truly take charge and fulfill a calling, it takes focus straight ahead.

As a high school senior, Stefanie Peters looked straight ahead and decided she wanted to invest in real estate. She worked with her dad to start investing and paid off her first mortgage by the age of 22. She utilized her passion for fitness to fund her business goals. As her business evolved, her entrepreneurial spirit grew. Stefanie decided not only did she want to be her own boss, she wanted to help others get there, too. A certified John Maxwell coach, she started Lady Boss Empire, focusing on helping women establish themselves as true “boss” figures.

We’ll take a look at how a change in perspective can make apparent setbacks become something better than imagined. There’s an importance to “firing fear” to start something great, even though it’s difficult to do. With some good coaching, kicking fear to the side can become a routine habit.

Plus, can you end up in court for adding a friend on social media? LinkedIn might be a dangerous networking opportunity.

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